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I think the best part of the site is that the authors of the respective features answer questions and address the readership.

-- Sean Spoonts, SOFREP Team Room member

Just wanted to say that I'm a big fan of the work you guys are doing. No left or right spin, finally just some straight shooting. Keep it going!

-- Nate, SOFREP reader

Hey brothers, keep up the good work - much appreciated! I absolutely LOVED the interview with Marcus Luttrell on Sofrep Radio - It was great!

-- JN, SOFREP reader

This website is the most bad-ass thing I've seen. I love every bit of it! Thank you for all your hard work. I plan on joining the team room asap. Keep up the great work.

-- Matt Crow, SOFREP reader

With Memorial Day just a few days away I wanted to thank you for this site and the way you honor our fallen heroes.

-- Drew Ryan, SOFREP reader

I find this website very gives me a pretty good idea about what life is going to be like for me...I plan to go into special ops as soon as I graduate.

-- Isaah, SOFREP reader

Keep up the good but arduous work and I look forward to enjoying each and every forthcoming article.

-- Charles, SOFREP reader

I really enjoy your website and all it's content. It's great to get news, commentary and opinion outside the mainstream media. Keep up the good work!!

-- Andrew, SOFREP reader

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